St. Teresa's Parish
[Served By The Redemptorists]

A Syrian refugee family is arriving in St. John's at the end of the month: dad and mom with 2 boys aged 6 and 10. They have nothing with them but a bit of clothes, and will need everything to set up a new home - all furniture, kitchen and dining items, towels, bedding, etc. If you have anything cluttering up your home that you've been thinking about selling or giving away, please consider this very worthy cause. A local FB group -- Support the Syrian Families in St. John's -- is organizing the drive. This is legitimate. If you think you might have something that can help this or another Syrian family, you can contact Sherine Khattab by email:

Please see also for additional ways to help refugees.
Alpha Youth Program:
We are very excited to be offering the Alpha program for youth in our Archdiocese! The Alpha Youth Film Series is a 9 week program designed to engage youth in conversations about life, faith and Jesus. It invites youth to learn about, and reflect on, the basic truths of the Christian faith. Each session will start with food, followed by a short video and discussions. This series has been used internationally and has received amazing reviews. Our program will run during February and March and our leaders will be Catholic Youth Ministers from different parishes in our diocese. There is no registration fee for this program and it is open to youth from grade 6-12. For information on this program, please contact Sara at

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